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During my time as a Senior Graphic Designer at Bedrock, the company decided to shift our marketing department from in house, only serving the Bedrock ecosystem, to a full service media agency, B360 Media Productions. It was my responsibility to create the visual identity of this new brand including all logos, colors, typography system, photography style, and visual voice.  B360 was awarded a 2023 American Graphic Design Award for Outstanding Branding + Identity. 
The bedrock way podcast 
Brand identity, Social Media
The Bedrock Way is a healthcare-based podcast to give practitioners and business leadership their voice back, hosted by Dr. Andre Gomez, DPT and President of Bedrock, and is produced by Jonathan Gonzalez. The visual identity of the podcast is vibrant and bold, strategically straying away from looking like healthcare. The content for each guest is meant to be custom and personalized to their experience, expertise, and topic. 
This Spring Hills Post Acute Care Digitally Interactive Playbook is an all in one resource guide to educate new hires, current staff, and potential partners about every asset of that care. Almost functioning like a website, each page has its own menu that links out to resources such as PDFs, website links, Word documents, etc. Elements throughout the brochure can be clicked on and further expanded with more information as well.  Alongside my colleague, Krystal Pratt, we were awarded a 2022 GDUSA Award. 
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