Riley Combs is a Dallas-Fort Worth portrait photographer. She described her brand in one sentence as, “Laughter-filled experiences for the cowgirls, disco queens, lovers, and everyone in between.” 
Her main pain points were having no cohesive branding that was versatile enough to represent all different styles she photographs. Her brand personality is dreamy, vibrant, lively, warm, and approachable. After multiple discovery sessions and an extensive branding questionnaire, I nailed down her strategy. Her brand identity is timeless and editorial, with flares of fun illustrative elements. Using a rich brown and neutral tan, her main brand colors target the wedding/couple industry while the pink and green are utilized for her more playful and experimental portraits. The objectives were a full brand identity system including typography, brand colors, a custom logo, logo variations, brand mark, icon, and other brand elements. ​​​​​​​

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