Brand Identity for Mane Standard
Stephanie Aargon, the owner and founder of Mane Standard, hired me as the brand designer and photographer for her new premier hair extension salon in Columbia, Missouri. Stephanie is grounded in providing the highest quality experience that she can offer to her clients and has a true passion for seamless, seemingly effortless, and beautiful hair. After a thorough brand questionnaire and lite brand strategy session, we nailed down her brand DNA to these six words. Elevated, personal, effortless, chic, grounded, premium. Her branding includes multiple logo variations, an icon, alternative logos, with typography and color system.
Brand Photography
Stephanie and her close friend/right hand man, Halley, flew to Texas from Missouri to shoot their brand launch. I sourced a stunning location that suited multiple different outfits, all styled by Halley, and it was a magical day. Collaboration, female empowerment, laughter, passionate creativity, and pure joy filled every room we entered together that day. Taking a new luxury salon like  Mane Standard through their entire visual identity, photo and branding, was an absolute honor. 
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